We wanted to share with you one of our FAVE recipes this week, brought to you by Sarah over at Healthy Bakes.

Pecan and chocolate chunk banana loaf!

Totally feels like comfort food, but is actually full of pretty guilt free ingredients ... (always a plus!)
Sarah and I have been friends for years, I always see her amazing recipes taunting me on Facebook haha, and they taste sooo good - so thought I would share my favourite baker with you guys too!
Sarah got into baking after embarking on a fitness journey around 5 years ago, where she lost around 2 stone. And as a result, figured out how to satisfy her sweet tooth ... sensibly!

Of course everyone else wanted in on the secret after seeing her amazing baking pics, and so she started "Sarah's Healthy Kitchen" as a blog space to share her recipes with the rest of us (thanks Sarah!!)
This banana bread is one of my favourite treats right now, if cooked right it is so moist and cakey, I LOVE it! It is also incredibly easy to make and tastes so light. 

I personally love to have mine cold and sticky with a nice coffee, but Claire warmed hers a little and popped  some vegan ice cream on top! (It looked lushhh, i was a tad jealous haha)
So, here's the recipe so you can get your bake on too!

(After all, a lot of us are being encouraged to spend more time at home right now, I personally love a little baking distraction - my husband doesn't complain much either ... )
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  Also definitely head over to Sarah's recipe blog to drool over all the other amazing recipes she has on there >>
  With love,  Charlotte x