Book Of The Month

Every month we will bring you books you’ll love, Books we love! whether they are novels, biographies, recipes or self development books, we hope they will inspire and bring much joy :)

2018 offers so much to each of us, so many reading pleasures to indulge in so we thought we'd start with a phenomenal book gifted to us.. which is perfect for us here at Om & Ah 


PLANTLAB by Matthew Kenny

What an incredible book, you can actually feel the passion & love that it has been crafted with.

 "My role as founder of Plantlab has been to tell our story, to share the benefits of what we do, and to ensure that future generations treat food and food preparation with respect, in order to best serve the world's citizens, its animals, and the planet"

With breathtaking images & detailed recipes its hard not to want to live this way. The layout is easy to follow but most of all utterly inspiring. Such elegance and dynamic recipes.

With so many people globally opening up to a plant based diet, why not get stuck into a culinary master class ...the best! because thats what we deserve! 

Do let us know if you try any recipes and what you think!

With love

Om & Ah