I live in California with my husband and two beautiful Children Gracie (9) and Lennon (3), and our Golden Retriever puppy Darla.
In 2017 we moved from Santa Monica to our new dream house in Los Angeles. This meant we had to switch our then 8 year old daughter Gracie to our new neighbourhood school in the Los Angeles Unified School District.
The school had excellent statistics and was highly recommended by many people I had spoken to.
Little did I know, over the next year and a half I would slowly witness my daughter transition from a joyful bright shining light, to a sad, anxious and depressed shadow of her former self.
At the new school she was constantly told she wasn’t good enough, made to read out her ‘disappointing’ grades in front of her classmates and shamed by being given neon pink letters of ‘unsatisfactory progress’ in front of the entire class... and she wasn’t the only one. Apparently this was the norm in this school district and this what what pushed students to get higher grades... but at what cost?
I was allowed to volunteer to go and teach art in the classroom for just 1 hour every 2 weeks. This was the children’s only creative outlet at school. Welcome to the US mainstream school system where the government does not fund the arts... My little girl’s spirit was being crushed and I knew I had to do something about it.
One evening I had been watching a program on Gaia (a Netflix for spiritual seekers) and this one particular program spoke of the Goddess Sophia (Sophia meaning wisdom in Greek). This was the first time I had ever heard of the Goddess Sophia and it sparked an innate curiosity. The next morning I woke up at 5.30 am to continue reading my enthralling new book ‘Mary Magdalene Revealed ’. As I opened the book and started to read I couldn’t believe it, as there in black and white was more information about the goddess Sophia.
Now I don’t know about you but when something you have never heard of in your whole entire life comes up twice in the space of 8 hours, you know that is no coincidence but profound synchronicity sent from the universe designed to get your attention...and it definitely had my attention!
That morning I took my daughter Gracie into my reiki studio as we had been doing regular morning meditations in order to try and relieve her stress and anxiety about going to school, and also to help her focus in school.
Oh, did I mention that Gracie’s 3rd-grade teacher had told me that she had major focus issues?... and I should probably put her on medication?... and that she needed to be psychologically assessed as there was definitely something not quite right? This advice went against every grain of my being. I am a mother driven by intuition and I knew that everything about this was wrong.
As Gracie sat on my healing table with her eyes closed taking deep breaths as she listened to the calming meditation music, I stood behind my little girl and held my hands up to the sky. As tears rolled down my cheeks I asked with all of my being ‘Goddess Sophia, please help my little girl, please help us! Send us the solution to this problem. Please help us!’
I lowered my hands to my heart and gave thanks before wiping my tears away and putting on a brave face for Gracie. “Ok, my darling lets get you to school.”
Just then I had a spontaneous idea and one that was completely illogical. I decided that the whole family should take Gracie to school that morning and that my husband (who had been working away and had just flown in from Memphis the night before) and our 3-year-old son would head to Starbucks for a morning coffee.
Now, this may seem like a great idea to you, but that meant we had 20 mins to get Lennon fed, dressed, shoes on and out the door...The fact that we did this was a miracle in itself! Lol!
Sure enough, we dropped Gracie on time with a sigh of relief and headed to Starbucks. As we entered the shop with its rich coffee aroma, I caught the gaze of a stranger looking at me with the most beautiful, warm smile. I smiled back thinking ‘ uh oh, I must know this woman but I have no idea who she is!’.
As we sat with our coffee and Lennon with his cake pop, my husband asked me “Who was that lady you were smiling at?”... to which I said, “ I’ve no idea, did you see the way she smiled at me? It was like she knew me.”
As we finished up our morning coconut latte’s we exited the coffee shop and as I instinctively held the door for the invisible person behind me, there she was, the smiling stranger but this time she had a little boy next to her who looked to be the same age as my son. The boys started playing and talking to each other which then prompted the awkward obligatory mum conversation...
 Me: “How old is your little boy?”
Mystery Mum: “He’s just turned 3.”
Me: “Aaah my son is 3 too!”
Mystery mum: “I also have a 9-year-old.”
Me: “Oh wow, I have a 9-year-old too!” ( 6 years isn’t a common age gap)
Mystery mum: ‘ Yes he’s at the neighbourhood school but I have an interview at a new school tomorrow as he is really struggling at this present school.”
Me (jaw agape): “Oh wow this is crazy, me too!”
The conversation that followed was nothing short of bizarre...and miraculous. We had both been going through the exact same thing. We joyfully hugged, relieved that we had found each other and we were not alone, quickly swapped numbers and said goodbye.
As I hopped in the car I looked at my husband in disbelief, who in return looked back at me .. in disbelief.
“You have to write down what just happened because that was mind-blowing,” He said.
“Yeah, but do you know what is even more mind-blowing? I prayed to the divine feminine for the first time EVER this morning and then this happened!”
A couple of minutes later my phone binged, it was mystery mum, Nicole.
‘Hey loved meeting you this morning! I want to tell you there is a great school on Mullholland that has a space available in 4th grade.”
I had never heard of the school so I curiously went online and checked it out. It looked amazing but there were only 21 kids per year and apparently, the school was notoriously hard to get in to. I called the school right away.
Me: “Hi there my name is Katy Sloane, I have a 9-year-old daughter who has just started 4th grade in Los Angeles. We urgently need to switch her to a new school but firstly do you have any space?”
The woman paused and then stuttered as though lost for words, “You are not going to believe this, but there is only ONE space available right now in the ENTIRE school and that is in 4th grade... for a girl!”
And there we have it I thought, the final miracle of the day from the magnificent Goddess Sophia.
This was it, my prayer had not only been answered but it had been answered at the speed of light! I mean seriously this all transpired 3 hours after asking the Goddess Sophia for help!
In the week that followed, there was a lot of paperwork, parent interviews and a few minor obstacles to overcome in order to get Gracie her place at the new school, but I knew that I need not worry about it as it was already done.
The main hurdle was Gracie’s old school teacher ( yes the one who wanted to crush her spirit completely with Ritalin), the new school needed him to write a letter of recommendation. ‘Oh
 dear’, I thought. Logically I knew that this could prevent her from getting the place but intuitively I knew the cosmic mother had it all in order.
Miraculously the school never received the teacher's recommendation. Even though he had mailed it and then emailed it 3 times over!!!
The new school graciously decided to instead accept the recommendation from Ms. Chang, Gracie’s lovely 2nd grade Santa Monica teacher and shortly after offered her a place, which we gratefully accepted!
As for the mystery mum Nicole, I messaged her a few times afterward but never heard back. I often wonder whether she was, in fact, an angel sent to me that day.
You see the miracles just kept on flowing because the power of the Divine Mother is second to none.
I decided I wanted to know everything I could about Sophia and ordered a beautiful book which I found online called ‘Pistis Sophia’ (not an easy read but it does contain a bible of information on the Divine Goddess).
When it arrived on my doorstep I opened the box with excited anticipation and carefully took out a stunning white-bound feminine style bible with a striking gold sacred geometric form on the front of it.
I gasped in utter disbelief as I looked at the image before me. You see what I couldn’t fathom was that I had already created this image a year and a half previously in one of my major artworks which represented the source of the universe and the major archangels within it.
I laughed with joy and astonishment, as little did I know, the divine mother had been speaking to me through my artwork all of this time!
After the events of that beautiful synchronistic morning, I made a promise to the Goddess Sophia that I would spread her word and not be afraid to speak my truth and I am so thankful to be doing this now as I write this article for Om & Ah who continuously give light through their beautiful products and community.
Let us spread the light of the Cosmic Mother, her miracles await!
Katy xx
Ps. My first parents evening at the new school ended in tears when the teacher told me, “Gracie is a joy to have, she has fit right in, she is so FOCUSED, she is often first to put her hand up and is such a happy child, we are so grateful to have her in our school.
Do you have any questions for us, Mrs Sloane?”
‘Yes......so just to clarify...
Do you have ANY concerns whatsoever? About focus or... is there ANYTHING at all that you
are concerned about?”
‘ No, absolutely not Mrs Sloane, Gracie is AMAZING!’
'Divine Cosmic Mother Sophia,
may your light flow through me and
may your love flow forth
into this day bringing
magic and miracles in'
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