This week we caught up with the rather wonderful self-love expert Gina Swire!

For those that don't know Gina and her philosophy, you are in for a treat :) -  a total goddess, mentor to women and manifesting Queen!

Today Gina poses a few questions - perhaps ones we haven't asked ourselves in a while or even ever before...


Hey, Gina here!! I'm back in Bali and it’s so so so so so so good to be back after a 6-week stint in the UK 🌴💯😍⁣

I’m extremely inspired today, I’ve been having some very interesting convos and one point that came up is that ‘freedom is an inside job'.

I'm curious; what are you choosing for yourself in your life and why? How free do you feel? In your body? In your lifestyle? In your sexuality? ⁣

⁣I love the phrase ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’, I love thinking about where that is so true in my own life ...

For example, I would rather snap 2 of my fingers off carrying the shopping rather than do two trips to the car. I’m the same with everything, I’d rather go all in and push myself to my limit to prove I can do it than take my time and take longer.

I’m very much an anti perfectionist too. I’m more of a ‘that will do’ person. That’s freedom for me! ⁣


Where are you choosing to be restricted or generally feeling restricted?

 Maybe by your career?




Where do you feel you have no choice?

You ultimately nine times out of ten do have a choice. There may be consequences that you don’t want to face though which is, of course, the nature of life and commitments. 

Also what is freedom to some is not to others. For me discipline isn’t freedom, it’s a massive turn off for me to be told I have to repeatedly do something each day because someone says so (even if that someone is me) but I know for some discipline equals freedom.

I prefer blissapline (aka following what feels great to me each day and honouring that) In my life everything is a sliding scale. It can all change frequently. ⁣

So here is my Q to you - What is freedom for you and how are you working towards more of it? ⁣