Do you ever find yourself googling manifestation or abundance? Scrolling through a zillion posts and then not actually finding what you need and opting for some random meditation video but it's not quite what you wanted? .. well we do, yup! all the time.. trying to find the next best secret or fast track to personal abundance - it never feels personal or designed just for your unique circumstances... but what if we could tailor our manifestation and what if it was much more simple than we allow it to be? What if the power is in the moon and stars & quietly sitting in us.. waving calmly "hello I'm here waiting when you're ready"?
The fact that you are looking means you know you deserve more than your current circumstances and are open to the idea of changing your current state, whether that's physically, mentally, spiritually, we don't mind so long as it comes from a place of love and compassion. This is where new moon rituals for abundance and letting go could be just the ticket to open your flood gates of happiness, love, money, abundance & health.
If you tried our Full Moon ritual then maybe you're ready to try the New Moon? plus this is super fun to do and you can make it so unique and personal to you that the universe/cosmos hear's your request so CLEARLY it's already on the way...
The science behind the New Moon: In astronomy, the new moon is the first lunar phase, when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude. At this phase, the lunar disk is not visible to the unaided eye, except when silhouetted during a solar eclipse. 
The spiritual side behind the New MoonThe deep darkness with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a safe environment where our desires can establish roots. These  manifestations begin to grow and reach out to the stars as the moon continues its cycle...and the momentum builds.
Let's begin..
New Moon Rituals For Letting Go And For Abundance
Before the New Moon take some time everyday (for example when you wake, before bed, on your lunch break) to think about EXACTLY what you're wanting to bring about into your life. Get specific, feel it, smell it, taste it and sit in that sensation that it has already arrived. 
On the eve of the new moon put aside some time where you wont be disturbed, a couple of things that you will need.
1. Paper
2. Pen
3. Candle
4. Smudge (Sage)
5. Your favourite crystals (if you have any)
6. A comfortable space- maybe some scatter cushions
7. Cup of tea 
8. Fire proof dish
Once you are all set up and the atmosphere is one of peace and relaxation.. let us begin by clearing some energy (this is where the Sage is a fab assistant) carefully light the sage and allow the smoke to work through the room, simply walking in a clockwise motion waft the smoke in the fire proof dish in the corners  and don't forget yourself (Always be careful when dealing with fire & smoke) - preparing a space is essential, we need your mind crystal clear & clutter free! 
Sit down and take a few deep breaths... breathe in this incredible energy  and allow yourself to ground.
Take this moment to get clear about those manifestations and then begin to write them down BUT you must write them in present tense for example "Thank you for my good health" "I am so grateful for my new job at....." "Love flows to me freely and easily" "My flood gates are open and I am receiving an avalanche of abundance and joy" GET SPECIFIC  we can't stress that enough!  This is your time to bring in the good stuff - always remember to not manipulate free will of others.
Begin writing your manifestations down anywhere between 1 - 8 desires.. sometimes you may only have one desire that's absolutely OK - the universe will hear you loud and clear! don't you worry :)
Once you have written down everything clearly and in present tense, repeat  them out loud or to yourself until you feel you have allowed them into your being and you're ready to let them go..
Here's the bit that is so deeply important we can't stress it enough.. when we want something to happen we KEEP asking, we pester and become repetitive and in turn the universe and cosmos give you exactly that feeling - because you keep asking - it gives you the feeling of 'WANT' and lack of .. so your desires don't arrive promptly because you're too busy blocking it with "I need" "I want" "I have"  - so this is where letting go is ESSENTIAL ... trust us! 
Once you have mediated on your desires, thank Luna/ the cosmos/ the universe acknowledge you're ready to receive and you now fully surrender your desires, no matter how they arrive you allow the universe to do its work. Fold the paper and put it somewhere safe, you can visit it in one months time. Some people put it under their bed, others pop it their purses.. the choice is yours!  Grab your cup of tea and allow all those good feelings you felt to stay and sip that tea with an open heart 
In the mean time you're going to get on with your life - raise your vibration by meditating, reading, walking , hanging out with friends.. keep your frequency high, keep being kind, open and most of all thank the universe when your good stuff arrives :)